A Video View of Cubs In Motion


Looking at pictures of Cubs being worked on or getting the work done are nice.  But how about video?  A video almost puts you right there with the Cub.  Whether it's plowing or playing it's all seat time, and it's fun!


Check out some of the videos collected so far.



Phil  Lenke tries out his restored hay rake - Phil found this old rake rusting away in a field and decided to save it. 


Susie Q sickle mows - After sitting unused under a tree for about six years this little Cub is back at work.


Rosie takes her first Cub Ride - It's hard to belive there are folks out there who have never take a ride on a tractor.  This is one of them

Kidz Stuff - Josh Meredith (Deputy Jailer) put Christine the Cub in the yard and turned Mikey and Austin loose. Boy, did they have fun.

Cub Parade in Maysville Ga, - 2008 - A bunch of Cubs went to Gillsville Georgia for Stonethrow CubFest III.  Many of them ended up going to the Fall Festival Parade.


Plowin' at Central Indiana Cubfest - 2008 - An open field and a buch of plow equipped tractors makes for a fun day.


Plowin' some more at Central Indiana Cubfest - 2008 - Head 'em up and move 'em out!.  These folks play follow the leader.


It ain't just for the fellas anymore - Tasha shows the guys how to plow at Central Indiana Cubfest 2008

Griswold Is Alive - A bunch of guys spend a cool Saturday afternoon trying to get a Cub running after several years of neglect.

Crank It Up - Over 4 enjoyable minutes of a pounding hammer.  Great if you have a pounding headache

Marti Plows The Fluffy Stuff - Marti is put to work clearing a driveway.

Marti Mows The Green Stuff - After the snow melted the grass started growing.  Marti had a whole new job to do.

Free At Last - After sitting for several years with stuck valves Chanel is ready to take a short spin around the barnyard.

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