Ugly Cubs

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We have all seen those old tractors that have set out in a fence row and rotted.  What a mess. Many times these tractors set there until somebody decides to put them to rest in a scrap yard.


But wait, There are still many out there who believe in eternal hope.  They know that tractor has a second chance and they give it that chance.


With that in mind this page was created.  The following are Cubs that have been saved even though the common man would have cashed it in for beer money long ago. But we all know Cub owners are a step ahead of the common man.


These little dude and dudettes are not really ugly. Well, okay some are really, really ugly, but they serve the purpose of the owner and they have mostly been save from the scrap heap.  There can never be anything bad said about a Cub.



Photo courtesy of Ron Luebke

This Cub is owned by Stacey Luebke in Acworth Georgia. If her husband Ron's Cub is any indication, this is destined to be a sharp looking Cub when completed.




Photo courtesy of Ronny Bailey

Ronny Bailey has had this in the family for quite a while.  He has moved it from Madisonville Texas to his home in Lufkin. It was was grandfather and father's Cub but now that he has it he is in the process of restoring it.


Photo Courtesy of Ron Luebke

This Cub is sitting in Alabama as yard art. The owner wont sell it. He says his wife likes it where it is. This is a good example of a Cub that may disappear as the years go by. At least they put a bean can over the oil breather.


Photo courtesy of Jim Foose

Jim Foose has this 1951 Cub to keep him busy. This Cub was purchased from it's original owner in south Louisiana. It had a stuck engine and was brought back to life. Jim says the custom seat is one of the most comfortable he has used. 



Photo courtesy of Dusty Burton

Dusty Burton bought this 59 Lo-boy named "Patches"  last spring. He says this is a  work in progress! The Lo-boys make an excellent looking Cub when refinished


Photo courtesy of Dusty Burton

Another Cub owned by Dusty Burton is his current project in Forida picked. He picked this one up in Louisiana on his way to his summer home.  Dusty said this is definitely still a work in progress and he will send finished pics when complete!



Photos courtesy of Steve Cunningham

Steve Cunningham (SteveC67 at bought the 1974 Cub on the left that is really in rough shape.  While there he also picked up the 1953 on the right. The Cubs are now in the barn and he hasn't started working on either one yet.  His plan is to mow with the 74 this summer, so an overhaul will be the first order of business.


Picture064.jpg 1948 IH CUB,has 42\" woods mower picture by SonnyReese


Picture094.jpg 1963 CUB & 42\" WOODS MOWER picture by SonnyReese

Photos courtesy of Sonny

These are not really ugly tractors.  Sonny wanted to make sure everyone remembers that a tractor doesn't have to be pretty to get the job done.  His 1948 is on the lft and to the right is his 1963.


Picture219.jpg --front right view picture by SonnyReese

Photo courtesy of Sonny

Another of Sonny's working tractors. This is his 1956 Cub.  it looks as though Sonny believs it is best to have multiple Cubs so you don't have to change implements



Photo courtesy of Rudi Saueracker

Here is Rudi Saueracker's 1951 Cub by the name of "Jethro". He is now a total a basket case (the Cub not Rudi) as he has been taken apart. Rudi says he will get around to restoring him. It just takes time with so much other things going on.


Photo courtesy of Dan Overcash

Here is one Dan Overcash came across during one of his Cub Hunts.  Although he didn't buy it this poor thing looks as though it needs a friend.



Photo by Barnyard

This beauty is a 1957 Cub that caught fire.  There is some wrinkle to the sheet metal and whatever could melt, did.  This may well be Barnyard's summer project.


P1010002.jpg 1948 Cub "Gunny" picture by RickSpivey

Photo Courtesy of Rick Spivey

Rick Spivey's 1948 Cub isn't really ugly, it just has no grill, brushed on paint job (looks like Latex), mismatched rear tires and lots of rust, However, it cranks every time, has a fast hitch, plows like a workhorse, and has found a sweet spot in his heart. It may get "made over" some day.


Photo Courtesy of Dan R

Dan R picked up this 1962 Cub after it had been sitting in a barn for about 10 years. He cleaned the sediment bowl, replaced the plugs and points he got it to run a few seconds with full choke. With a rebuild of the carb and Sea Foam in the gas he can now get about 1200 rpm.


Photo courtesy of Joe Malinowski

Joe Malinowski of Massachusetts found this 1975 Cub locally on ebay with a grader blade on it.  This Cub needs some tlc for sure and some transmission work but is a good runner that had spent much of its life out in the elements.




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