Cubs On The Loose


For a tractor that was last built thirty years ago the Cub sure shows it's staying power.   In fact many of these are more than sixty years old.  The amazing thing is many of these Cubs are still mowing lawns, plowing gardens, cultivating the crops and much more.


Why do so many people use such antique technology when there is equipment now that will do the same thing four times faster or more?  FOR THE FUN OF IT! That's right!  There is nothing quit like spending a day playing with a Cub.  Some may call it work, but when you have a Cub, the work disappears and you play.  Many owners actually try to find chores to do just so they can play.


Check 'em out.  These big kids know the rules and they play the game well. So get out of the way, we have play to do!



Photo by Barnyard

Bill "Barnyard" Weisbrodt, gets the cultivating done with his 1951 Cub "Harpo". The Cub may be old but it sure beats walking behind a tiller.



Photo Courtesy of Jeff Silvey

Justin Silvey mows a field using his dad's 1956 Cub.  Jeff Silvey has spent a good amount of time redoing this tractor and it really shows.



Photo Courtesy of David Bennett

David Bennett of Virginia enjoys his time as he plants corn in preparation for a nice summer crop.



Photo Courtesy of David Bennett

Nik Roble (Kinelbor) mows a field with a sickle mower.  That is one of the most peaceful rides a person can take.


Photo Courtesy of Jeff Silvey

Jeff Silvey of Indiana bundles up to do a little snow plowing.  It seems like a cold way to play, but it's more fun than sled riding.


Photo by Barnyard

Barnyard puts Chanel to use pulling a wagon.  Here she is hooked up to the wagon as the Christmas decorations are being put away.


Photo Courtesy Phil Lenke

Phil Lenke uses his 1948 Cub to mow and pull his restored hay rake.  Here he is seen as he rakes a field of straw for baling.


PICT0003-2.jpg Dragging it away picture by jmalinow

Photo Courtesy of Joe Malinowski

Here is Joe Malinowski with his1966 cub as he drags a white pine that he cut down last fall. It pulled pretty well so he kept taking bigger and bigger logs to see how much it would pull.


Photo Courtesy of Phil Winter

Phil Winter (Phildidit) puts his 1951 Cub to work disking  his front yard to plant grass. While Cubs originally designed for small farmers, many home owners are finding them very versatile for suburban use.


Photo Courtesy of Johnny Jameson

Johnny Jameson (Johnny J) enjoys his day disking his garden with his 1948 Cub,  He and his wife are retired and enjoy taking care of their Maryland home.


Photo Courtesy of Larry Davis

Larry Davis of Newport, RI (on loader) and a friend get the job done mowing this field.  Larry is a very avid Cub fan who enljoys working his Cub every chance he can.


Photo Courtesy of Doug Miller

Not to be outdone by the fellas, Bonnie Miller gets some plowing done at the Barnyard Bash.  This was Bonnie's first time working a Cub and it looks like she really enjoyed it.


Photo Courtesy of Kirk Witte

Kirk Witte of Great Meadows, New Jersey gets some seat time as he pushes 16 inches of snow from his drive with his 1968 Lo-boy . Kirk prefers spring garden plowing but Cub time is fun any season.


All photos have been featured with the permission of the owner


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