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Most great looking Cubs didn't get that way overnight.  It takes many hours of blood, sweat and tears not to mention that bit of cash flow to get them looking like new. A lot of these Cubs have sat in barns, run down sheds or even outside for many years.  The condition can be anywhere from a simple tune up to a total rebuild of sheet metal or mechanicals.


The men and women who undertake these tasks have the time and dedication to get it done.  For some it takes only a few weeks, others may spend a couple years taking the time to attend to every detail.  No matter what approach is taken, the owner ends up with what they set out to accomplish.


Let's take a look at some diamonds in the rough and their finished product.



Photos courtesy of Dan "Clem" Huggler

Dan Huggler started out with a 1950 Cub Demonstrator that had been painted red.  He spent a lot of time stripping it down and repainting it white as it would have appeared when originally shipped from the factory. Dan bought the Cub a mile from his home in Otisville,Michigan and wanted to have it fully restored before his 30th birthday.  He took it down to the nuts and bolts and put it back together and had it fully restored by June 19th  (the day of his 30th birthday).



Photos courtesy of Josh 'Podge' Meredith

Josh Meredith took what appeared to be a doomed Cub and gave it a name and gave it another chance. "Christine" was transformed into a very nice looking Cub People like Josh have a passion for these tractors and hate to see them disappear forever.  It takes time and money to save a Cub but there is the thrill of accomplishment that goes with it.


Read more about Christine here



Photos by Barnyard

Sometimes a good bath is enough to make a cub look presentable.  Although this one isn't as good looking as a restored Cub it does look a lot better than it did when it arrived in Barnyard's barnyard.  A working tractor still deserves to look it's best.  This one will get a little more attention to detail as time goes by.


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Photos courtesy of EZ

Here is a 1967 Lo-boy owned by EZ in Northern Ontario, Canada. He says he bought it for sentimental reasons. That's a good enough reason for us. All it takes is determination to see the job through and you can end up with a nice finished product.




Photos Courtesy of George Willer

George Willer thinks outside of the box when it comes to Cub restoration.  On the left are the remnants of one Cub he had found.  After adding an engine from a 50-T baler that had been converted to an oil pumper, George was on his way to creating a whole different Cub.  His idea leaned toward a tricycle Cub and that is exactly what he ended up with on the right.





Photos Courtesy of George Willer

Here is another George Willer restoration. This is "Sandy".  Her name comes from the sand the woodchucks had partly buried her in. The left photo shows the sand up to the front hub. She had sat in the same spot since the owner died. After this Cub sat for 22 years George replaced the rusted out wheels and cleaned the fuel and ignition systems.  She was driven to the mailbox the following day.





Photos Courtesy of George Willer

And again we have a George Willer creation.  The Cub on the left looks like your typical Cub.  George was able to look at it and see something completely different.  What appears to be a Lo-lo-boy on the right is the beginning of "Rat Cub".  Many hours of thought and labor went into bringing this Cub from George's internal drawing board to the shop floor.  Once again perseverance paid off with another deviation from the norm.  This Cub is worthy of it's own story since it is still being developed.  We all eagerly await the finshed product.





Photos Courtesy of Mike Hengelsberg

Mike Hengelsberg of Wisconsin bought a cub almost sight unseen from Louisiana.  When he got "Merlin Cub" home he found there was more work involved than he bargained for.  With a lot of trying times and the help from members at Mike was able to replace every leaky seal and grinding gear he could find.  If a part was broke it got fixed.  Another fine example of a saved Cub.


cub6.jpg picture by truckguy_02


100_5518.jpg picture by truckguy_02

Photos Courtesy of KyleLaFollette

Kyle LaFollette found this cub a under a tree in Michigan just waiting to be saved. The motor was stuck, so when he got it home in was off with the hood. What Kyle found was that since the exhaust was not covered, water rusted the rings to the cylinder walls and the the valves were rusted to the guides. He took care of that and then began other repairs as needed. Two and a half years later he is done and ready to work.



Photos courtesy of David Grapes

David Grapes purchased his Cub in Senatobia, MS and hauled it 550 miles to his home in Ohio. It is his first Cub and he calls him "Lee Roy".  At this time the cub is being dismantled.  David said he is taking his time, reworking all needed components and having a blast.  As echoed by many other Cub owners David states that the help and advice of the web site has been a Godsend.



Here is Sandra Taylor's "Buttercub" before and after. Jim T said the wife insisted on painting it JD yellow. He decided it is her's so she can have it JD yellow if she wants. He says he has to admit that the yellow looks pretty good.



Photos courtesy of David "Yogie" Fisher.

Here we have a 1963 Cub owned by "Yogie" Fisher in West Virginia.  Yogie spent many hours scrapin' and scrubbin' be for he had it ready to paint.  Add to that general repairs for leaks and moans and groans it becomes a time consuming task.



Jim Foose took his 1965 Lo-boy Cub and gave it an extreme makeover by giving it an early '60 look. Jim says it will be his yard tractor and used for neighborhood joy rides.



Photos courtesy of Jim Hudson

Jim Hudson of Albemarle, North Carolina put some quality time and effort into rebuilding his Cub.  This goes to prove that when you set your mind on a goal you can definitely succeed.



Photos Courtesy of Larry Davis

Larry (Buzzard Wing) Davis of Newport, Rhode Island found "Cathy", a 1950 Cub at an auction and decided to take her home.  After many hours of work he ended up with a heck of a good looking Cub.



Photos Courtesy of Larry Davis

Larry Davis also picked up Rufus one day to add to his collection.  This is a 1971 Cub that turned out to be another great looking Cub.



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