Christmas Day found us visiting family as is the annual tradition.  I decided to get away for a bit and check out  When I got to the for sale section I found a Cub listed for sale.  It was about an hour and a half away and I liked the price so I sent a message.  It wasn't until later in the day when Doug, the owner, contacted me.  He said it needed work and several places had been welded on it.  He didn't really want to part it and if he could sell it whole he would rather do that.  I told him I was interested so he agreed to hold it until I took a look at it. A couple days later we were on the way with our trailer behind us "just in case" we decided to bring it home.

Although the mechanicals have enough weld to sink a shp the sheet metal is in really good shape on this Cub

We met Doug and his wife Candice and talked about dogs, Cubs and everything else.  He showed me his barn he was working on.  It wasn't full of Cubs but it was neat.  It's funny how Cub owners tend to have other things in common.

The Cub was just as Doug described it.  The bolster had been heavily welded and the engine had the infamous right ear repair. The sheet metal looked good and the tires were okay.  All in all it would take some work but could be put back into service if given a little attention.  We agreed to terms and winched the Cub onto the trailer.

 When we got home I unloaded the Cub and decided to wait a couple days till it warmed to work on it.  When I did get to it I put in a fresh battery and gave it a try.  The starter was grinding so I pulled it of and put on a good one.  After tinkering with the carb Zachary fired up but was making a terrible racket near the radiator. This was going to require the removal of the hood which I had no time for. With so many other irons in the fire I decided this one would have to wait awhile.  I think it will be worth the wait.