These little Cubs came about when I saw an ad on the internet for two Cubs for one price in Tennessee. 




The seller said this one had a mower deck but didnít run.  He also said the head was cracked and someone had tried to repair it with bondo which obviously didnít hold. I asked for a few additional pictures and he sent them out that evening.


The Cub didnít look bad in the photos so I called back and asked a few more questions.  The seller then said he would rather get the Cub running than sell it as it was. He said it was sitting at a shop and he was going to have them try ro start it.  I figured the price would go up drastically if it ran and I would back away from the sale.


About two days later he called and said his mechanic had gotten the Cub to run but since it was leaking water from the head so much they shut it off.  I asked about the price and he said he would still sell it for the advertised price.


When this one hit the barnyard I put a new battery in it and it started fine.  When I pushed on the clutch chattered something terrible and rattled my foot pretty good.  The head definitely has major problems as the seller said.  There is a thick blob of bondo on the head and not a bit of it is doing the Cub any good.  I have bought a new head and will be starting on this repair, as well as clutch work in the near future.




Dixie was described as a decent looking Cub with a locked up motor, Side dresser and a rear angle pulley drive.  The seller said he wanted to try to get this one running also before selling it.  When he called back a few days later he said his mechanics could not get this one freed up at all.  It will sit until there is time to work on the motor.  Hopefully it is not anything major.  Time will tell.


I had told the seller that a sale hinged a lot on my ability to get them to Ohio.  He said that he was going to Indianapolis for a load in about a month and would be passing through Cincinnati and taking I-74 from Cincinnati to Indianapolis.  He said he may be able to move them that far for free if it would help. I told him I had property that was about ľ mile off the I-74 exit before the Indiana line. He said he was familiar with that exit and that he could deliver them right to me.  I couldnít beat the price and free delivery really helped seal the deal.


Over all these are not bad Cubs, they just need a lot of attention.  As time goes by I hope to get started on these to learn more about them.  They could very well be great cubs with a little work.