Christmas was coming on and I was scanning E-bay, when up popped this 1967 Cub.  I had thought about adding a "square hood" Cub but I just wasn't sure if I liked the style. I decided to watch this one and see where the price went and if it stayed low enough I figured what the heck, I might go for it.  It was located in northern Indiana on the Michigan border and I was planning a trip to northern Ohio about a month after the auction ended.  I checked the map and found that this Cub was about 2 hours away from where I was headed.


I contacted the seller a couple of days before the auction ended and asked how soon it had to be picked up and he said as long as it was paid for it could set for two or three months.  That sounded good to me so I waited until the last day and found the price was still low.  I knew this was a non-running tractor so I wasn't about to bid too high for it.  A minute till the end I shot my highest offer out and checked again as the sale ended.  It turned out I got it for about forty dollars less than I planned to spend.


I wasn't planning to take my trailer on the trip but now that I had a Cub to pick up I had to drag it along.  A few days after the sale ended a friend from our Cub group who lives in northern Ohio said he had a Cub in Nashville he needed to get moved to his place.  Phil lived about fifteen minutes or so from where I was going so, since I was headed that way with an empty trailer, I volunteered to take it to him if it could get to Cincinnati before I left.  Another member of the group who lived south of Louisville Kentucky said he was going to Nashville to visit his family and would pick it up while there.  Josh grabbed it and took it home for two weeks.  He then had a trip planned for the Cincinnati area so he brought it up for me to get a week before I left.  Our little Cub Express worked out great for Phil since he never had to worry about finding a shipping contractor to get it to him.  We had all the bases covered.



Our weekend CubFest was on a Saturday so Rosie and I started out early Friday morning.  The idea was to drop Phil's tractor off about one in the afternoon and spend about a half an hour or so to chat.  After that we were to take the two hour drive across the top of Ohio and Indiana to get my new Cub.  I figured we would spend and hour loading and then after the two hour drive back to Fremont we would be to our motel room by about seven.  Yeah, right!


First we ended up on a wild goose chase to look at another Cub on the way up.  That turned out to be something a lot different than the seller described.  Now, we were off course by about sixty miles so we had to make up some time.  We ended up at Phil's about three and got unloaded.  After a short meet and greet we got back on the road and made it to the other Cub about six o'clock.  It was dark when we loaded and the winch struggled to pull the Cub on.  We had to use flash lights to see and they were fading fast.  I got two straps on enough to keep the Cub in place and headed for the nearest place with lights so I could secure the load better.


We drove about four miles and found a filling station, so while the gas pumped I reworked the straps.  Once everything was tied down and the gas pumped we headed back to Fremont.  By now it was seven-thirty and we hit the highway on a roll.  We made it to our motel about 10:00 pm and called it a night.


The next day we went to the Cubfest and met many members of the group who I had only chatted with over the internet.  These guys had one main thing in common - the love for Cubs.  I learned a lot of new things while there and hated to call it a day.  It was 5:00 pm when we left George's Cubfest and we had planned to spend the night at another motel and leave first thing Sunday. I decided to drive as much of the five hours it would take to get home as I could and finish in the morning.  By the time I got within two hours of home I was determined to go all the way.  We rolled into the barnyard about ten and not a minute to soon.  I was wore out and ready for bed.


It was a long weekend but well worth it.  We had gained a lot of new friends and another Cub to boot.  This one was now in it's ne home and work will begin on it one day.  I don't know what day, but it will.