Slim is so named based on the town he came from.  This one made it's way to the barnyard out of Pickens South Carolina.  Slim Pickens, the actor, just popped into my head so the name stuck.  Of course when it comes to finding Cubs in the area some tend to say the pickins are slim.  Any way you want to look at it, Slim is a new resident here in the yard.


Slim actually came around by accident.  He wasn't found advertised anywhere nor did I happen to him sitting abandoned out in a field or barn.  I had advertised a Lo-boy grader blade for sale.  A fella called and asked about it.  As we talked he mentioned one of his Cubs.  He told me how he had bought it and had gotten it running but it was just sitting around.  One thing led to another as we talked about the grader, but the conversation drifted back to the Cub and how he didn't know if he would ever do anything with it or concentrate on his Lo-boy.


I told him it sounded like some of the Cubs I had. So I asked if he had ever thought about selling it since he never used it.  He said he probably would since it would otherwise just sit.  I began to ask more quetions about it.  He said it had good tin, the carb was in good shape and the mag put out good spark.  He said there was a rattle in the clutch when first starting out.  we finally hammered out a deal where I would trade the grader blade and cash for the Cub.

Slim really isn't a bad looking Cub.  He pretty much looks like any other working tractor.


The Cub was located about 90 miles from Stonethrow Cubfest which is about 400 miles from me. I was going to be attending that event in a couple weeks so we made arrangements to meet there and make the swap.  In the mean time I called my friend Ron who was the host of Stonethrow and explained that I was bringing a Cub to his event but I may also have this new Cub showing up.  Since I could only haul one Cub I asked if I could keep the second Cub at his shop until arrangements could be made to get it home.  He had no problem with that and said it could stay there as long as needed.


When the seller arrived at Stonethrow we went to take a look at my grader.  He was happy with the condition of it and said he would take it. We then checked out the Cub sitting on his trailer.  The seller had  already told me it didnít run but felt it wouldnít take much to get it going.   I checked it over and noted that the magneto looked pretty good and the carb showed no external damage.  I was taking for granted these were good parts.  We put a fresh battery in it and the engine turned over fine.  The way it popped I felt confident we would have it running before we left Georgia. Everything else looked good so I decided to make the trade.


After we had unloaded the Cub and put the Grader on the sellerís trailer he departed.  I enlisted the help of  Ralph of Ralphís Cubs to tow me down to the shop.  We played around with the wiring a little as well as checked the timing and the plugs.  The carb was working well and the magneto had plenty of spark but it just

Slim was picked up in Geogia at Stonethrow Cubfest.  He sat there for a week or so before heading north to the barnyard.

didnít want to fire. While I was at it, I took the rubber fuel line and filter off and replaced them with a metal line. After a little more tweaking of the timing the Cub sprang to life and was ready to go.  



I put it in gear and the clutch chattered so bad we thought it was gonna jump out at us.  Once Slim got moving he showed he had a lot of power with no chatter from the drive line.  I drove it around for a while and it appeared to run better the more I drove it.  We decided the clutch was probably the cause of the noise so the Cub will be split in the future to remedy that problem.


Now that it was running it was only a matter of figuring out when I wanted to make the eight hour drive back to Georgia to bring it back to Ohio.  Ron then hit me with an offer I couldnít refuse.  It turned out he was coming to Ohio for two weeks due to his job.  What made it nicer is that his job was  putting him 20 miles from the barnyard.  He offered to load the Cub on his trailer and bring it along with him.  I couldnít turn down an offer like that.


Two weeks later Slim was sitting in the barnyard with the other Cubs.  I offered to pay Ronís fuel expenses but he refused.  His reasoning was that he was going to be in the area anyway.  Itís good to have friends like that.


Slim will sit around and have an easy life until I figure out what to do with him.