I came across this one when I was reading Craigslist. The owner said he had gotten it from a guy who used it every day and kept it in his barn.  One day the first owner couldnít get it to start so he left it sit in the field for about four months before deciding to sell it.  The guy I got it from said it was sitting in his barn for four years after that. He said he was going to try to get it running but lost interest.

I drove a little over an hour to look at it and found that the pictures that had been posted didnít do this Cub any justice.  It looked as though it had sat out most of its life.  It had a full set of cultivators and the Cub itself was all there.  The motor turned easily with the crank but the battery was missing so I couldnít try cranking it.  I ended up working out a deal with the guy and brought it back to the barnyard.

For now I will let it sit in my barn until I have time to check it out.  This may turn out to be a decent runner but time will tell.