1966 Lo-boy


Rocky gets his name from the town where I got him, Rockford Hills, Illinois.  This Cub was posted in the for sale section of Farmallcub.com in September 2008 for $1,500.00.  The seller never posted any pictures of the Cub because he didnít know how to. I asked for some and said I would post them for him so others could see what he had. I told him that I was not interested since I was about 5 Ĺ hours away. He sent the pix that day and I put them on the website.  This Cub also came with a complete grader blade, and a three point tiller and three point grader blade. I told the seller that the three point items didnít fit this Cub but he said he got them from the original owner so he was selling

Rocky had a few years of nasty growth on him when we got him.


A little elbow grease brought him back to being a little more presentable.

them with it.


We were planning to go to Central Indiana CubFest without a Cub and I started getting the itch for a lo-Boy to add to the herd.  After about a week the Cub was still for sale so I called the guy and asked what his bottom dollar was.  He gave me a ridiculous low price and I got to thinking it would be worth the trip to Rockford Hills to look at it since we would be half way there any way when we went to CI. I told him I was interested but I couldnít get there for another week.  He said nobody else had called so he would hold it for me until I saw it.


Our original plan was to go to CI Cubfest on Friday and stay the night, attend CI and return home Saturday night.  Instead we left home about noon Friday and drove to Rockford Hills.  We checked out the Cub just as it was getting dark.  I agreed to his price and we loaded it up.  It was about 8:00 pm when we left Rockford Hills so we headed toward CI Cubfest and drove until about 11:00 pm and got a room for the night.  We were only an hour from CI so we drove part way the next morning and stopped for breakfast before going the rest of the way to CI.


Once we got to CI I unloaded the Cub and parked it with the others.  He was ugly but he ran good.  Later I brought it up by the shop to loosen up the governors and to check out some of the mechanics. The Cub had some loose wires and would not start all the time.  I pulled the switch off and cleaned everything and checked all the connections.  After that it fired off every time.

Melissa enjoys mowing with this Cub.


Once I got it home I gave it a good bath and shot a coat of primer and paint on the grill to spiff it up a bit.  I ran it through the yard and it was cutting good on two blades but was leaving the grass high on one side.  I pulled that blade and sharpened it a bit and that straightened out the problem.  We have used this Cub all summer in 2009 and it is a nice mower, so much so that my daughter prefers this over the foreign job that now just sits most of the time.


Since then I have found new owners for the three point implements.  The grader blade that came with this was traded off as part of a deal for another Cub.