Not much to say about this little fella.  The condition this is in explains its name, RIP, Rust In Pieces. I was at a 4X4 swap meet and saw a trailer load of Cub Cadets.  I got to talking to him and he tried to sell me one.  I told him I like the Farmall Cub. He said he happened to have one at home for sale and I was welcome to come up to his place to see it. As we talked he told me where he lived and it was only five or six miles from my house.

I don't think there is any way to take a better picture of this Cub.  As you can tell, it's inner beauty is simply mind boggling.

I went there a couple days later to see what he had and it was pathetic. The tires were rotted of, the hoods was gone, everything was rusted tight and it looked like it had been there ten years or better.  The only good part is that he put a can over the exhaust although that didn’t matter much.  It didn’t take long to look it over before I was asking “How much”?

He wanted $300.00 for it and I told him scrap was only $200.00 a ton and that is about all it weighed. He pointed out a couple good things about it and said he would split the difference and let it go for $250.00. I agreed that there were a few things I needed such as a rear belt drive and a carb and I could still get my money back at the scrap yard so I ended up bringing it home.

It still had the hand crank stuck in the engine and I needed one on another Cub so I decided to remove it.  "Stuck" was the right choice of words.  That critter was really stuck in the engine.  I spent almost a half hour pounding on it and spraying it with PB Blaster to get it loose. I don't expect anything else to come apart none to easily either.


A short, edited clip showing me being an idiot trying to get the hand crank out of the engine.

In reality this Cub will end up a parts donor.  With so much bad with it the cost would be prohibitive.  If nothing else comes of this Cub at least it never made it to the scrap pile.  It will go on giving a part of itself to others in the barnyard.