This is an early serial number Cub.  All indications point to it being a circle Cub which saw only around 3,500 produced.  I saw this advertised on by a member about 120 miles away and decided to check it out. I like taking weekend road trips so this worked well.


On the way down I stopped at a yard sale just outside the town the Cub was located in.  I told the guy

Other than the cut out for the alternator the tin is in pretty good shape on this little Cub.

 at the yard sale that I was just passing through to pick up a Cub and he mentioned his sister was selling hers since her husband had died and she no longer needed it.  He said he thought it was pretty cheap and had several implements to go with it.  I asked if he would call her so I could take a look at it while I was in the neighborhood.  That would save me another two hour trip to look at it later.  His wife tried to call her but could not get hold of her.  The guy said he would keep trying to call her if I wanted to stop back on my way home.  That sounded good to me so I went on my way.


When I got to the Circle Cub I noticed there was no starter on it. The owner said he never had a one on it for years and always parked it on a hillside to kick start it. The hood had the infamous modification to allow for a larger than life alternator but that was gone also.  The seller said he never ran lights so he didnít need any of the electrical stuff hooked up.  That made sense since these Cubs could be bought new without any of that anyway.


The seller had told me a few days earlier that the engine had been welded so I knew from the start that it had one problem. The tractor was in pretty good shape except for the hood cut for the alternator.  These can be patched to where you never know they were cut but I think I might just replace the hood anyway.  The seller was also including a turning plow and a set of cultivators with the deal.  After checking everything out we agreed on a price and loaded it up. 


It's hard to see in the photo, but there appears to be a circle on the doglegs where a Circle Cub decal was at one time.

On the way home I stopped back at the yard sale.  The guy said he still had not reached his sister so he tried again.  This time she answered and he told her what the call was about. He then handed the phone to me and I asked about the Cub.  She said a dealer had stopped by the day before and bought everything she

had.  I figure that if she was selling it cheap, the dealer knew he had a good deal on his hands.  I thanked her for her time and looked around the sale a little more before heading for home.


When I went to unload him I noticed how the front wheels wiggled from being loose from wear.  The name Mr. Wiggles struck me right off the bat.  In time this will be another neat little cub to clean up.  It will be gone over and all needed repairs will be done.  Due to this being a Circle Cub I donít see this one getting used much for work.  It will eventually get a hood and new paint and maybe an implement added for show.  Another retirement project in 2012 perhaps. lol