This one is named in part because she came from Martinsville Ohio and partly because I like Martina McBride. Marti is a good running little Cub.  I originally went to look at what was supposed to be a Circle Cub. That Cub turned out to be a combination of other Cubs so I passed on it. I saw this one listed the same day with a decent price with a sickle

 mower, turning plow and grader blade.  This Cub had been on the market for a while and the owner deemed to be having trouble selling it.


Marti was listed as a 1948 and I was interested in that year.  While looking her over I noticed it had the short ear dash.  I asked the seller about the year and he insisted it was a 1948. I went to my truck to get my papers to verify the serial number for the correct year.  When I got back to the Cub the seller and his son were hunched down with their book checking numbers. The seller looked at me and said he was mistaken and that it was, indeed, a 1949.


I told him I was more interested in a í48 but since he was eager to sell he said he would work out a deal since I had driven over an hour to look at it.  We haggled over the price for a bit before we reached an agreeable number and we loaded it up what we could. I had the smaller trailer but have hauled loads this big before but since the seller was in a neck brace he couldnít help stack it all on.  I ended up having to make a second three hour round trip to get it all.  It was still a good deal so there are no complaints here.


I originally used Marti for plowing snow.  The sickle mower went on Susie Q and the turning plow got sold.  After the first season of plowing, a neighbor stopped by and

Marti pushes what little snow we have seen. The way she handled it I feel confident she can handle about any task.

asked if the Cub was for sale.  It seems he needed a grader to work the ball fields he had built behind his house.  He said he had a Cub that he mowed with so I offered to sell just the plow.  He liked that idea and we ended up making a trade for some implements he had stored in his barn that he said he would never use.


We used this Cub at the Ohio Cubfest in 2009 to operate a McCormick 4e hammer mill.  She performed great until near the end of the demonstration when the splines disintegrated on the PTO shaft.  I remove the PTO to use on another Cub and now Marti will be used strictly for cultivating since I can use another Cub for PTO work.


While using her to flail mow in 2008 the hydraulic tank split apart.  It had been welded before from what may have been damage from use as a snow plow before I got her. I replaced the hydraulic tank on her this at Central Indiana Cubfest in 2008 and it should do well for the cultivators.


Just another little Cub earning itís keep around the barnyard.



See her work!


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