This Cub popped up in Craigslist and in the for sale section of When I called the fella he said it had been sitting for several years and the starter was locked up.  I took a chance and drove an hour and a half to check it out.


The battery was dead and there was no chance of getting it started. The motor wasn’t seized so it had

one good thing going for it.  There was a full set of cultivators with it that needed a good cleaning and a coat of paint. The seller said he decided to get rid of it because he wouldn’t have time for it and his son was going to use the money to by his first car.



I didn’t want to tell the guy that he had it priced at twice its value but I had to. I could not see paying more than it was worth and since I had driven that far I thought it would be a shame to go home empty.  I offered him half of what he was asking and when he realized what he had he said okay. He and his two sons helped me roll it onto the trailer and tie it down.


This one looks to be another of those “someday” Cubs.  The starter is definitely in need of repair and little things need attention.  As time allows I will get it in the shop and tinker with it.