After Rocky the square hood Lo-Boy joined the herd I started to like mowing with him.  So after several months I decided I wanted to add a round hood Lo-Boy to the mix.  I had looked at a couple but the sellers all thought they had the best on the market and wanted a Kings Ransom for them.  I was resigned to the fact that I would have to hold off until I found one at a decent price.  One day I was accidentally reading craigslist and spotted a low boy for sale about thirty miles away.  It was advertised as a 1956 and I always liked the grill on that model but the grill in the picture was for a newer Cub. The price was a little out of my range but it never hurts to call.

The fella I bought this from had advertised it as a 1956.  As soon as I saw the later style grill I checked the serial number.  It came back as a 1960.

I drove down that evening to take a look and saw that the grill was for a later model.  I checked the serial number and found that it was a 1960.  After talking to the seller a bit he said that he had gotten them from a guy who owed him money and he really didnít have a use for them.  He had two Cubs and several implements that he wanted to sellThe Lo-Boy checked out pretty good so I asked him what his bottom dollar was. He said a friend had offered to buy the Cub and mower if the seller would throw in one of the 194 plows with it.  The seller said he accepted the offer but the buyer never came back.  He said with winter coming on he never had a place to keep it so he would like to sell them soon.  I offered less than the previous guy in hopes we could settle on a price midway, but the guy said he would think about it and let me know.

A couple of weeks went by and I figured the seller found someone else who would give him closer to what he was asking. I went out of town after that and forgot all about it.  When I got home I did a search on craigslist and this Cub popped up again.  It had been almost a month since I had made the offer so I decided to give it another try.

When the guy answered I told him who I was and asked if he had considered my offer.  He said he had decided he was going to store them for the winter and try again in the spring.  I then asked what his bottom dollar was and he gave me price less than his friend had offered I made a counter offer between his and my last offer.  He said to call about noon the next day and he would think about it.

I called him later the next day and he accepted my offer so I hooked up the trailer and headed for his place.  It started right up and I drove it on the trailer with the disc hooked to the back.  I pulled up by his shop as I left and we looked at some of his other stuff.  I threw a price at him for a 193 plow that was in real nice condition expecting a counter closer to what I wanted to give and surprisingly he accepted right away.  He sad he wanted it out of his way and that my offer was a bit better than the scrap price he would have gotten.  That plow was a long way from being ready for the scrap heap. Since a 193 will not work on a Loboy I will put it to use on one of the F-Cubs. 

Le Roi (French for "The King") will earn his keep around the barnyard mowing the yard.  I tried it out as soon as it came off the trailer and he did a great job.