I was headed home from work early one Friday and I was on the phone with my wife.  I asked if there were any yard sales still going on that I might want to stop at on the way.  She said there was only one but it was in Bright, Indiana, a place I seldom drove to.  Not that there is anything wrong with the area, it is just that I usually never went that far (only 4 more miles really).  Then I said, "What the heck? What have they got?"  She started rattlin' stuff off and stopped and said, "I better not tell you this".

Harpo was used one season to cultivate with.  This Cub runs great and I have not found a job that I want to use it for exclusively yet.

I said, "To late, you gotta tell me now!" " Well they have a Cub for sale", she said.  That's all it took.  Why advertise it in a yard sale ad?  I checked all the farm adds and equipment ads and couldn't find it listed.  Why would they advertise in just a yard sale ad.  At least give it it's own ad.  Not too many people are gonna check yard sales for tractors.

Long story short, I swung past the house and pick Rosanne up and we headed up to Bright.  I talked with the owner for quite a while.  He seemed like he could hold a conversation non-stop for days.   He was pretty much set in his ways that he wouldn't budge on his asking price.  He said he had  several people stop and express interest in it and wouldn't sell for any less.  I told him I had to go and I would think about the Cub over the weekend.  He kept rattling on and on and it was another half hour-forty five minutes before I finally got outta there.

Saturday about noon I headed into Harrison for some hardware and decided to ride up to Bright one more time.  Rosanne rode along and I said I was going to try one more time to knock that price down.  if he was still strong on keeping his price up then someone else could have it.

I got out of the truck and the fella came over an instantly began chatterin' away nonstop.  the more we talked the more we began to know each other.  Turned out he knew my brother-in-law and sister from the tractor club they are in.  Over fifty years ago he had worked for my dad.  When he mentioned a few names and some details about our old farm I knew he wasn't making any of it up.

Harpo can hadle any task thrown at him.  When my grader Cub gave me some problems I threw a plow on Harpo one winter and got the job done.

After shootin' the breeze for almost a half hour we finally got around to talking about the Cub. I made him an offer and he said


 Needless to say, another Cub joined the fold that weekend.










Here's a shot of the homemade fast hitch.  I use that term loosely. It works okay but naturally there is no adjustment like a real fast hitch would have.

The Mott flail mower was a nice extra, I use it quite a bit around our Jeep club's campground.