George got his name for two reasons.

George Willer is a man who I am proud to call a friend.  He is very knowledgeable about a multitude of subjects, but it is his knowledge of Cubs that led me to drive four hours to meet him.  He owns many Cubs also and when this one came into the barnyard I told Rosie that I thought I had just passed George in the number of Cubs owned.

It's no beauty for sure, but there is potential.  It will take some work but this one can be brought back.

The other reason for the name is because this Cub had gone through a disastrous fire.  It is burned everywhere that a Cub could be burned.  The owner had bought new tires and wheels for his father-in-law's Cub so he put the old ones on this Cub so it could be moved about.  What does that have to do with the name, you might wonder?  Well one of my favorite comedians was the late, great George Burns.

I saw this Cub on Craigslist about two minutes after it was listed early one Sunday morning. It was about an hour away and the price was right. A quick call to the owner to ask a few questions and we were on our way.  I was exactly as I expected, burnt.  The wasn't much to look over to make a decision.  it wasn't like I expected to start it to check out the mechanicals and after the fire I doubt there was gonna be any or drips.  this deal was pretty much pay the man, load it up and go home.  Three and a half hours after being listed for sale it was resting in the barnyard.

This is another of those "what are you gonna do with it Cubs.  I have to parts to put it back in shape, but is it worth it! Of course it is!  It's just a matter of when that might happen.