Elvis Lives!


Well at least Elvis the Cub does! I found this little fella in Memphis of all places.  Uh, that would be Memphis, Indiana by the way.


I have a 1955 regular Cub and thought it would be neat to have a matching 1955 Lo-boy.  When I checked him out I found that the serial number was very low, making it one of the first eight hundred made.  The fact that all the cast dates showed that it has all the correct period parts made it all the more interesting to me.


Oct 5, 2010: This one doesn’t run yet so it joins a line of others awaiting work.  Hopefully it won’t take much to get it going.  The wiring needs attention, the carb could use a little work and the seat is missing.  Those are minor things. I plan to pressure wash it and get it in the shop for a look-see this winter.  If all goes well I will do some cosmetic work to it and add a recently purchased L-54 grader blade to it.