Cub 33


I found this Cub about five miles from me.  It was advertised as having a bent shaft which caused it to stall.  The price was low so I suspected the engine had something wrong with it.  When I contacted the seller he said the transmission main shaft was bent.  I decided to check it out.  It turns out the tractor is in great condition appearance wise with the exception of needing some hood work and a radiator support straightened.

This Cub turned out to be a pretty nice looking one. a few little problems need to be overcome, but those are minor. I plan to get this one running and add a sickle mower to it.


The Bad

It looks like someone backed into the hood from the side which put a good size, but very fixable dent, in it.  The bent radiator support can be straightened and the radiator looks like it suffered only minor cosmetic damage.  The bolster has a very small hairline crack just under the radiator that can be easily repaired, so replacement does not seem to be in the plan.


The transmission shaft has been removed as well as the PTO and the pedals.  This will have to be split to check out the clutch and then a new shaft installed.  The PTO gears seem to be okay as well as what I have seen of the tranny gears.


The Good

The engine turns over very easily.  I was told the engine ran, but I always keep it in my mind that this was bought as a non-runner.  I may try to start it and find there is a giant rattle in it, who knows. 


This woods mower was part of the deal and appears to be in really good shape.  I will be selling it to make some room in the barn.

Other than the front end damage, the overall appearance is good.  The paint is still there and it has minimum surface rust.  The deluxe seat frame is solid although the coushions ne to be replaced.  The battery box is also solid and still has the lid and front cover looking almost like new.  The tool box is as good as they come without being brand new.  


The tires are all mismatched but in great condition.  Both rears are 9.5-24ís with a lot of tread.  The front tires are common 4-12ís one being a Firestone in really good shape the other is in decent shape and will last for quite a while. 


A Woods mower was part of the deal and appears to be in excellent shape. It is only missing the front guard and that should be easy enough to overcome. I have so many mowers now so I think I will sell this one.  I have a sickle mower I think would look good on this tractor.


Updates on this Cub as time goes by and things are done to it.