Cub 32

Tuesday November 9, 2010

The ad for this popped up one Tuesday night on Craigslist with no photos or price.  I called the seller asking for pictures.  He said the tractor was at his uncle’s house and he would stop down on his lunch break to get a couple pictures of it.  He asked for my email address and said I would have them the next night.  While we talked I asked what he wanted for it and he said he didn’t know but that it wouldn’t be much.  “Not much” could mean a lot of things to different people, but he said he would discuss it with me after I saw the photos.


Wednesday November 10, 2010

The next day came around but no pictures.  I called the seller again and he said he was tied up that day but was off on that Thursday for Veterans Day and would get them then.  He still had no price in mind but said a guy stopped by and offered him fifty dollars for it saying they didn’t bring much money.  He said he told the

The previous owner broke an ear off the fan pulley mount so he mounted an electric fan.  In order to make it fit the hood was cut out on both sides and small angle bars were welded to the radiator supports.  I will clean this up and replace the hood, front engine cover and fan assembly.

 guy he would scrap it before he sold it for that price.  I told him that was a smart move on his part since it was worth at least two hundred dollars at a scrap yard.


I again asked if he had thought of a price.  He asked what I would give.  I told him that the way he described it that it might be a $500.00 tractor or it might only be a $300.00 tractor.  I also told him it was too hard to tell without seeing it.  He said that was the price he had in mind.  He said I should drive down to look at it and make an offer.  I told him I was a hundred miles away and that was too far to go for a Cub sight unseen. He said he was off work the next day for Veterans Day so he would work on getting the pictures to me then.  He said he and his brother wanted to bring it to his house at that time too. He told me to call him later that day to see what was going on.


I called him again on Thursday as he had asked and he said he never got around to getting it and he didn’t know if he would have pictures or not. He said he would call when he had things together. It was beginning to sound like this Cub was either not going to be sold or he was holding out.


Sunday November 14, 2010

Friday and Saturday came and went so I figured he had sold it to another person.  I decided I wasn’t going to keep bothering him about it.  About noon I was getting ready to eat lunch when my phone rang.  It was the

The tires look pretty good all the way around.  The rears have some weather checking but over all they should last quite a while.

seller asking if I had gotten the pictures he had sent.  I told him I never saw them.  He said he had relisted it

on Craigslist and I should check it out.  I went to Craigslist and saw the pictures.  He had also listed a price of $500.00 this time. I told him the photos weren’t the best at showing somethings and it may not be worth what he wanted. I asked about a few things I saw in the photos and if that was his best price. He said he would not let it go for less than $300.00.  I told him it was at least and hour and a half drive so it would be about three thirty before I got there.  I would drive down with my trailer to look at it and make a decision.  He said not to rush since he had decided to let me have first shot at it.


When I got there we checked it out.  It had some visible problems such as a cut up hood and a cracked bolster ear.  The wiring needs to be reworked and a few other cosmetic things are needed.  The good side is that it has a good set of turf tires, there are no engine cracks and everything is there. He said he felt it wouldn’t take much to get it running.  I agreed that it looked okay and the motor wasn’t locked but I would have to hear it run before I gave top dollar for it.  I made him an offer and he readily accepted it.  This one headed north to its new home.