This little dude found it's way to the barnyard in March of 2008. The previous owner had advertised it for $1800.00. I saw it listed about two weeks later for $600.00. The owner said it developed a knock in the motor and was slashing the price. I went to look at it and the owner had a charger on it but would not crank it saying he didn't want to hurt it anymore than it was. His son had been working on it but he told him to stop.

I checked it out and never found any cracks or other major issues.  the tires looked pretty good and the rims were solid. Other than the nasty Alternator alteration to the hood the sheet metal looked good. He then showed me a plow and depth lever that went with it.  I asked if that was his bottom dollar and he said he was firm on his price.  He said there there were several others interested and if it was available the next week he would negotiate.  He knew he could get his price so we settled the deal.

I told him I would have to get the money and my trailer and would be back the next day. He wouldn't take anything for a deposit saying he was old school and went by a man's word. After we shook hands on the deal he said "oh yeah, there's a disc that goes with it but it's at my cousins house. I'll have it brought over next week for you" Wow a little bonus.

Anyway I got it home and put a hand crank in it out of curiosity. It is tight and won't budge a bit. My guess is that his son probably tried to do something with it and fouled it up worse and didn't tell his dad. It's still worth the deal since I bought it as a non-runner. Just another project to go on the back burner.

It doesn't look so bad looking at the left side.  It just happened to be cut out for an alternator but has a generator on it.

The plow doesn't look to be in bad shape and the depth lever came with it.  After digging around to find the lever I also found the rear rockshaft and rod.  The seller wasn't going to let it go at first and then decided he would never need it.


I need to put this on a running tractor to see what it will do.