I was working in the barn loading the trailer for our semi-annual 4x4 swap meet one evening when my daughter called me from the house and asked if I knew a guy named Brad from our 4x4 club. I told her yes and she said I was to call him.  Since he usually called me around swap meet time to either buy or sell some jeep parts I figured that was what he wanted.

This jigsaw puzzle will be a fun one to put together some day.  It's all there, but the engine is cracked from a roll over. I will try to find one from the same year to keep this as original as possible.


I gave Brad a call and he asked if I remembered us talking the previous year about a Cub he had. I told him I vaguely remembered the talk.  He said he wanted to sell it and asked if I was interested.  He said it had rolled over and the engine had a large chunk broken out of it.  He had bought a replacement engine and split the tractor to make the repair but lost interest.  The Cub was now in his way and he wanted to sell it.  I told him I had enough Cubs for now and wasn’t interested in buying it but if he gave me an idea as to what he had I would put the word out.


He said it was a 1966 and he had the spare engine, a fairly new looking Woods 59 mower, a fast hitch, a fast hitch plow, a home made fast hitch potato plow and an older, complete grader blade.  I figured the value of all this in my head and then asked what he wanted for the lot.  He said he really needed to get it out of his garage and gave me a price of less than half the going rate. He was about an hours drive away so I told him I’d like to come out the next day to take a look. He said he would be home and wouldn’t try to sell it till I looked at it.


When I went in the house for dinner I asked my wife what she was doing the next day and she asked why I wanted to know.  I told her I just wondered if she wanted to ride along to Brad’s.  She asked what was there and I told her I bought another Cub.  She gave me one of “those” looks and shook her head.  I told her Brad didn’t know I was buying it but if everything was in good shape and all there as Brad said then I couldn’t pass up such a good deal.


This hood gives a big indication that this is an original red flat nose Cub.  The serial number, 222907, indicates it was the 407th Cub built after the change over.  Note that it says "Farmall Cub" and not "International Cub".

The next day we rolled into Brad’s place with the 14’ trailer and I looked it all over.  After checking the serial number I found that it was actually a 1963 red square nose.  He said he was the second owner and still had the papers from the dealer that the original owner had given him.  I looked at those and it showed that this Cub never was sold from the dealer until 1966.  It probably sat on the dealer’s lot for three years before ever being sold. That may be why they thought it was newer.


After checking it all out I told Brad I’d take it.  I couldn’t pass up that kind of deal. And he was tickled that it was going away and happy with what he was getting for it.  While I was loading he kept digging around in the garage for more and more parts and pieces.  He eventually came up with a complete battery box that was in excellent condition.


This is another one of those “someday” projects.  It will get the correct year engine in it and I will leave it all original.  This was factory red and from all appearance was kept inside all its life when not in use.  I think I’ll keep it that way.