This was the fifth Cub to land in the barnyard. For a long time it simply went by the name No. 5 because I couldn't think of a name for it.  Then one day it hit me like a ton of bricks. Chanel No. 5 just happened like it was meant to be.  From then on the name stuck.

Chanel is one of the better looking Cubs in the barnyard.  She needs work in the power department but serves us well just pulling the wagon and splitter. Here she is pulling the wagon as we put away the Christmas display


I was surfing Ebay one night and came across this non-running Cub about ninety miles away.  I contacted the seller and asked a ton of questions about it. I ended up driving to see it and I made an offer on it.  He decided to end the sale at that point and take the bird in hand.  While I was there he had said he had a set of cultivators and weights he would sell also.  I checked them out and the price was right so they headed east with me also.


When I got her home I charged the battery and pulled the plugs.  The plugs looked almost new so I checked the gap.  I checked the timing and all wiring and found it was all in order.  When I tried starting it I would get spark and the gas was flowing well.  I pulled the valve cover on the side and found two valves sticking.  Aha, hopefully this is the problem and an easy fix.


I pulled the hood off and removed all the plugs.  I sprayed PB Blaster on valves that were hanging up and tapped on them lightly with a punch and hammer.  I didn't tap too hard to avoid any damage.  When the valves went down I turned the motor engine over with the hand crank.  When they came up I tapped them again.  The valves kept sticking so I repeated this process and sprayed the valves periodically.  Once the valves were pushing down easily I stopped using the hammer and hand crank and simply pushed the valves down with the punch by hand and turned the motor over with the starter.  It wasn't long before the valves were dropping down on their own.



Here is a short clip of Chanel starting and taking a quick trip around the yard.

Once the valves were free it was time to try it out.  It was only a matter of getting it back in time and she'd be ready to go.  i was having a bit of a problem from the very beginning with the carb so I took the rebuilt one off Griswold and swapped them.  The battery had been fully charged so with everything in order it was time to give it a try.  A couple of spins and she fired right up.  She didn't seem to have a light of power still but she responded well to the throttle.


In June we took Chanel to Ohio Cubfest in De Graff Ohio and ran it on the dyno.  The power just wasn't there and she was only putting out about five horse power.  That was barely enough for her to get out of her own way.  Larry Dotson ran a test on her and found she was losing compression from the valves and the rings.  With having a cracked block I decided this one will be used for pulling light loads in the future.