Well, it was a great day at Ralph's.  Josh (Deputy Jailer aka Podge) showed up with Phil Lenke's (PWL) Demo Cub from Tennessee and handed it off to Bill (Barnyard) for its next leg to Fremont.  The plan is for Barnyard to hold onto the Cub for a week and then take it to Phil at George Willer's CubFest.  While it sets in Barnyard's barnyard it will be next to the "Tennessee Twins".  The Twins made their way to the barnyard in October and will now have a friend from "down home" to visit for a short while.

Steve and Josh unload Phil's Cub from Josh's trailer and prepare to load it onto Barnyard's trailer.

Today's guests at Ralph's were Josh and his friend Steve, Ralph's son's Rex and Camo, Ralph's brother David and Barnyard.  Not able to make it to today's get-together were the other 3,709 members of FarmallCub.com.  Although Ralph had invited them all, most had previous engagements and expressed their regret in not being available.

After moving Phil's Cub from Josh's trailer to Barnyard's trailer everyone moved inside for some good old story swappin' and a little bench work.  Barnyard explained how to use the new web page building software that he loaned Camo.  Meanwhile Ralph and Josh refurbished a throttle lever and quadrant.  Ralph, Josh and Barnyard checked out a starter Barnyard was having trouble with and Josh explained how the starter switch was grounding out against the inside while Ralph retightened and replaced a few screws.


Josh and Barnyard try to hide the Cub while Ralph pilfers needed parts from it.  No, we're just kidding!

Ralph gave a demonstration of his gear/pulley puller and showed how to remove the front pulley without breaking it or the puller.  Of course considering the number of Cubs Ralph has dismantled in his life this procedure is second nature to him.

While looking over Ralphs huge inventory Barnyard couldn't leave empty handed and ended leaving with a head, coultivator shields and a set of snow plow mounting blocks.  Josh had his throttle lever and with a long drive ahead of him felt it was time to head home.  Barnyard had to get too so we called it a day.

Before cutting out we loaded Ron Luebke's new plow on to Josh's truck where it will head to Jim T in Nashville for it's journey on to Atlanta. Once again the Cub Express moves it's cargo along the way in what has to be one of the best buddy systems ever devised.


Ralph shows us how to remove a front pulley quickly, easily and without breaking anything!

We wish you could have joined us but we'll be lookin' for you next time.

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