Do you like jigsaw puzzles?  Do you like Cubs?  If the answer is yes to both these questions then you'll love this page!


I have put together several puzzles from photos that have been sent to me.

Some of these are from CubFests and others are Cubs in general.


I hope you enjoy them!


Playin' In The Dirt

When planting season is upon us there is only one thing to do. Get the plow on the Cub and get out there!

The French Connection

A neat little Cub Lo-boy rests in a field in France.  It goes to show these little tractors are loved all around the world.


Not really, but is is a

Halloween display.

What's Up With This?

Sometimes things don't go

quite as planned.

No Make Up For Me

A good coat of paint won't

make a Cub run any better.

View From The Top

A birds-eye view of a lonely Cub gettin'

in a good days work.


Any young man loves a chance

to get on a tractor and go.

Ice is Nice

Unless it's part of a storm that passes through

your area when your Cub is sitting out.


George Willer shows how a Cub is a great tool for your garden.

Dallas Snow

Snow was on the ground in 49 of the 50 states of the nation in February of 2010.  Texas had its share of the action.

Southern Snow

A transplanted Rose takes root in the south

and has winter fun.


Not many southerners get to see the beauty of snow crested trees like this.

Plowing Snow

Jeff Silvey gets the job done during one of Central Indiana's heavier snow falls.

Southern Comfort

It doesn't snow down south too often.


One of Barnyard's Cubs just sitting around.

Looking For A Driver

This little critter needs somebody to

jump on it and go.


A little Cub sits all alone in a field needing a friend.  What a poor thing.


Not all old Cubs are Red.  Jim T took his

wife's Cub in a new direction.

Passing Time

Having a friend to talk to is priceless.  It can make life so simple at times.

Splitting Wood

If you have a log splitter you gotta' have

a way to move it.

Lead The Way

Larry and Barb Dotson's two Cubs sit

pretty awaiting their riders.

Pushin' Trees

Cubs are used in many ways.  If you have a tree that's bigger than you, then call on a Cub for help.

Other Cub Puzzles

The Rust Bucket


Shuckin' Corn
Sickle Mower Mowing Hay The Old Goats

Cub in A Barn

Pennsyvania Snow Cornfield Cub
  Why Me  


More to Come!

As time permits I will ad more puzzles.


Do you have a favorite Cub photo you want to see turned into a puzzle?

Email it to me and I may put it up.  It must be Cub or CubFest related.


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