A Little About Me


My Mom and Dad both came from big farming families. Dad would take me everywhere he went.  I spent many days riding a hay wagon or on his lap on an old combine. When at home I had the old tree in the side yard to play under. There were always farm toys scattered about so I could play just like Dad.


It was a weekly ritual for us kids to watch our parents take a couple chickens to the choppin' block to prep 'em for Sunday dinner.  Mom could swing an axe with the best of them, but where she did her best was frying those suckers up.  Nobody has ever come close to matching her recipe for chicken as far as my taste buds are concerned.

If it's nice and sunny you'll find me out enjoying the day. Cultivating the corn is a snap with the right set up on a Cub.


On rainy days I probably enjoy working in my shop more than anything else. I finally took one side of my smaller barn and converted it to an area I could work in. If it has to do with Farmall Cubs, I enjoy it.


Dad died when I was young and we moved from our little farming town to the big city.  The closest I ever got to farming again was visiting my many aunts and uncles who had farms also.  I never picked up on the business but I always enjoyed the visits.  Our uncles always made sure we got a ride on a tractor now and then.  It's strange how a kid in the country can see a tractor ride as work but a city boy finds it to be sheer joy.


I finally grew up (sorta) and went into the Army during the Viet Nam era.  I spent most of my time at Fort Knox in Kentucky where I was in charge of an equipment storafge warehouse.  It wasn't a bad job.  we had three building that held just about everything a soldier would use during his time in service.  Although we were active duty, our job was to support all of the Reserve and ROTC units in Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky and Illinois.  The nice thing was that it was only about a two hour ride to Cincinnati so I came home every week end.


After my army stint was up I came home and went back to work for the Chrysler dealer I had worked for before the Army.  After I got married we moved back to the little town where I was born. We raised our daughter here and have no intention of leaving. All my relatives are here and I wanted to be close to them. 


I left Chrysler shortly after I married (and, ironically, shortly before the dealer folded) and went to work in my uncle's excavation business where I not only operated backhoes, bulldozers and such, but I also performed most of the light maintenance on all the equipment. I started doing this in 1977, working sun up to sun down almost seven days a week except when we were laid off in the winter.  When my daughter was born in 1984 I started thinking about changing jobs so I could be home more often.  Finally, late in 1985 I took a job with the government and have been there ever since.  


I have always had a love for tractors but just never made time for them, nor did I have room for one.  When they started to develop the area where we lived we decided to move about four miles further away from the interstate.  We bought five plus acres with a large ranch house and a little 112'X40' barn. That was enough to give me room to start my Cub collectin'.


Throughout this website you will learn more about me and my friends.  If you share the love of the Cub, I'm sure you will enjoy your time here.