Cub Mounted

Auburn Trencher


International Cub with Auburn trencher attachment

Owner - Rick Prentice


Farmall and International Cubs came with many different attachments made specifically to suit the users needs. Many of these were offered by International such as plows, disks and other assorted tools while many more were available from manufacturers such as Mott, Woods, John Blue and others.   

One of the lesser known implements was a trencher made by Auburn Machine Works.  This handy add-on earned its keep when any trench was needed hether on the farm or any construction site.  The introduction of the trencher made for another good reason to own a Cub.

Most Auburn trenchers found on Cubs today see little if any work.  Most are displayed simply for show due to the very limited availibility of replacement parts.  A broken piece on one of these tools could mean its days as a worker were over.




The following manual courtesy of Jim Becker