Where it Began!

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Then: 1947

Although Cubs were built using names such as McCormick-Deering, Farmall, and of course International Harvester, most Cubs are referred to as a "Farmall Cub". The Farmall Cub was introduced in 1947 and very little was changed until 1964 when the rounded nose was changed to a flat surface and the familiar red paint was changed to yellow and white.

 The Cub was made to meet the needs of farmers with small farms who neither needed nor could afford a larger tractor. For about $550.00 in 1947, these small farmers could buy a basic tractor and then choose from an array of implements to suit their needs. Plows, discs, belly mowers, sickle bar mowers and grader blades made specifically for the Cub helped the small farmer tend his crops.  The Cub was designed with the motor to the left and the driver sitting to the right. This allowed the driver to have a better view of the belly mounted implements.


More than 200,000 Farmall Cubs were built between 1947 and 1964, making it one of the most popular small tractors of itís time. In 1964 production began on the yellow and white Cub with this change the name also changed to International Harvester Cub.


Yellow and white




Production came to an end in 1975


And Now: 2007

After 60 years many of these Cubs are still working those fields and gardens as well as pushing snow and mowing yards.  The popularity of this little tractor couldnít be higher.  Whether the owners have large farms or small suburban lots, todayís Cubs are becoming a must have item.


And just what are all these modern day owners doing with them?  Well, with the availability of many of the original implements as well as after market items like new belly mowers, these Cubs are still performing the chores for which they were designed.

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