Are you interested in some fun stories written by Cub Owners?  The authors of these take their Cubs serious and enjoy telling you about them.  You’ll enjoy what they have to say.


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By George Willer

If you have ever heard of a CubFest and wondered what

it was, this will explain it for you.



By Donny Millar

Check out the fun this owner had when he decided to

go on a road trip to get a Cub.


It All Started With A Yard Sale

By Bill Weisbrodt

Find out how this owner found his first Cub and

how it changed his life.


Cajun Cub Quest 03

By Darrell Ratliff

A ride from Ohio to Louisiana to pick up a load of Cubs

was an adventurous trip for this author and his wife

as they visited friends and family along the way.


Farmall Cub Story

By Michael ?

Read about the author’s high hopes of getting a little Cub

to do some of the chores around their farm when his

father agrees to do a little mechanical work on it for a friend.



By Bill Weisbrodt

The owner of this Cub says thanks to the previous owner as

he tells how he acquired his Cub.


*.?-!.* Cub Owner

By John Puckett

John tells us how he came about his nickname.


Two Holes

Michael ?

A young fella just back from World War Two finds

a job he likes working for International Harvester.


Behrsford's Woods

By Robert B. Foust

The author reflects back to his days as a young boy using

a Cub to help his grandfather bring in wood for the winter.


Firewood and Berries

By Michael, Az.

Michael spends a cool, crisp Arizona morning in the

mountains hauling wood and hunting berries.



The Making of a Cubaholic

By Russ Leggitt

Owning a Cub can be an addiction and Russ

puts that feeling into poetry.


Cub Story

By Jim V.

A proud owner gives a little history of his Cub.





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