I won't be using my Cubs hardly at all during the winter so they are safely tucked away until spring.  During the barn renovation the inside of the barn is a wreck so I have everything tight.  The fact that there are four Jeeps, three Fergusons, a 1967 Camaro, a Chevy crew cab and thirty tons of junk in there doesn't help much either.

The Jeeps are slowly going away as is the junk.  It all takes time.  Hopefully this spring will see a cleaner barn.


But the border Collies love living there and they challenge anything or anybody that dares to enter without an okey dokey from me.

The following photos show only a few of the Cub herd.  The others are in there, I'm just not saying where.


A couple of nameless Cubs tucked into the corner of the small barn.  These need some work so they will be here for a while.



Rascal (left) and Rudolph (TRCT) share space in the small barn.  Both are awaiting repair work. I need to put some heat out there.



Griswold (foreground) and Harpo are finished for the year. They will get a rest until spring when it's time to get the garden going.



Looking down on (clockwise from upper left) Waldo, Martina, Susie Q and a non running, nameless Cub.  The first three will migrate out of the barn in the spring also.



George and Jester aren't going anywhere for a while.  They do have to be moved before spring so the bee nest in the hay nearby can be removed.



Chanel stands ready to roll at a moments notice.  This Cub had some sticky valves so she has a can of Sea Foam in the tank and gets used for most all pulling details.  She has a welded block so I hope the Sea foam cures the problem since I don't want to spend a lot on the motor.  She seems to be gaining a little more power the more she's used.