When: April 29th - May 1st, 2011

7:00 AM - ???

Sunday morning will be a day to say goodbye and get

in a good breakfast if there are enough people still around.

Where: 10640 E. 59th Street

  Lawrence, IN 46236


Lawrence is just a few miles east of Indianapolis off I-465


Get your plow, disk or planter ready for action.  Join us as we play in the dirt with our Cubs.


We have the 5 acres that was plowed last fall.  The plan is to plow this again and then we will be disking and planting (If the temperature permits planting). I have had some interest from people who want to bring other tractors to try out tilling and things. Thatís fine with me.


Keep in mind this is not a CubFest, but I donít see any reason that you couldnít work on your tractor in our shop with your buddies! If you feel like it, you can bring some projects that could be worked on in our off hours. We have power hookups and a lot of space under roof (70,000 sf.) just in case the weather doesn't cooperate. If repairs are needed, we have a couple welders, hand tools, drill press, grinders, forklifts, and a small crane.


Parking and camping will be in the lot to the left of the field to be plowed.  There is plenty of room for everybody.


Camping/Lodging: We have a large secure parking lot to house any campers that show up. We also have plenty of extension cords if need be.


Click here to find a reasonable hotel just about Ĺ mile from the field. 


We hope to see you there.