Foreman, Arkansas



Tom says "Rats to all you folks who don't make it down to Arkansas this year for another fun filled CubFest"


Tom isn't really like that, but he is throwing out the welcome mat for everyone

to attend another great CubFest in the Land of Opportunity.  There were so

many folks having such a good time that it just has to be done again.

Make your plans now to be a part of the fun in 2012.

The schedule so far;
Friday afternoon, setting up and settling in.
Saturday morning, coffee by 8:00 am And working on the Cubs as we go!

Events, planned; not necessarily in any order:

Gary will go over measuring the cylinder in the headless cub and how to remove the ring groove and hone the cylinder. Since this engine was not showing any need for rebuild this will help determine the next steps for Tom with the engine.

Chief will give a demonstration on setting up a welder, both arc and oxy-acetylene. He will also take on some small welding projects. If you have something that needs a little welding done on it bring it with you and watch Chief work his magic.

If you have a carb and a kit, Gary will install it for you and demonstrate the steps he uses.

Tom will go over the procedures for rebuilding a governor.

Tom is making the plans for lunch.

Anyone have other suggestions let Randall or Tomcat know. We are open for help and suggestions in trying to put on a great CubFest.

Buy 'N' Sell!

Got one plow too many?  How about that Woods 59 you've been wanting to sell?  Are you still looking for a 28A Disk Harrow?  Or do you wanna trade your slightly used grader blade for something you can use? Bring what you have along and see what kind of deal you can make with a fellow Cubber.  There will be plenty of room for your trailer load of goodies.

Where are we?

If you want to join in on the fun you will need an address? PM Randall or Tomcat through the Cub forum; We would love to have you.

You can be sure we will enjoy the company and will have a good time.


Thanks for dropping by!