In The Barn Yardgate

Things you'll probably see out by my barn at any given time.

Well, I went to a yard sale one Friday with my wife and was looking at this guy's Cub Cadet mower.  He said it was for sale if I was interested.  I said I was just looking and what I really wanted was an older Cub.  He said if I looked real hard at the weeds behind the garage that sat on the bend of the road when I left I would see a Cub peeking out at me. The guy said he was going to see if he could get it from him be cause he was interested too.  The following Sunday I stopped in and asked about it and the owner said he would sell it.  He said it ran early last year when he parked it.  He said he bought a new John Deere (Why?) and didn't need it anymore.  Well the battery was gone and it was drained of it's gas and water.  The guy wanted $500.oo and not a penny less.  Needless to say I ended up adding it to the collection.  His neighbor waited too long.  Now I need the time to start working on this one.


The Ferguson was another nice little $500.00 find.  The previous owner had no desire to repair it even though it had been in his family since it was new.  Now that it's been rewired maybe I'll get around to painting it.

This old Farmall 404 was owned by a club I belong to.  A good friend of mine used it all the time to mow the club grounds.  When he died no one else wanted to take care of it so I bought it and it's evil twin just to preserve 'em.

Every barn yard needs an old hitch wagon hanging around.  We picked this one up at a flea market, of all places.

Of course you gotta have a barn for it to be a barnyard!

Now if it's Christmas you'd find a big ol' 8 foot star hanging in my barnyard.  It's a real treat getting this baby hoisted up to where the flag normally flies on holidays. The light strands are about 12 feet long.  That makes the overall height around 20 feet.

And dogs.  A good barn yard has dogs in it. Flash and Bandit call this barn yard their home.  The barn has mice now that the the stray cats that kept them away left when these two came along.

And naturally it wouldn't be my barn yard without old Sarge sitting around in the snow. Sadly the old boy was put to sleep just after Christmas.  His tired and crippled body just would't let him roam the yard he ruled for all these past years. His quality of life was sinking fast and he deserved more dignity than that. He was a mainstay at our place for almost 14 years.  He was about 16 maybe 17 years old and acted like he was two most his life.  He never chased the cats, just his tennis ball and the deer and coons that tried to eat the corn.  Sarge will most certainly be missed in the barnyard.

You can bet the 4X4 "Dually" will be in the barn yard.  It's been around longer than Sarge and is due for a restoration.  The cab is actually ready to fall off.

I found this donor truck for my dually.  It was in Northern Indiana and had sat in the California desert for years.  It was missing the motor, transmission and most of the interior, but there is hardly any rust on it and the cab is solid.  This is a two wheel drive so I will take the cab and put it on my 4X4.


I have had this toy longer than the rest.  I bought this 1967 Camaro RS in 1980.  I haven't done much to it since I got it.  The motor needs to be gone through along with a new top, exhaust and from seats.  I take it on the road once in a while.   Whenever I take it out of the barn to work in there I have everybody and their brother stopping trying to buy it.


The sign says it all!