Replacing The Siding

This will be a long process.  I will work on this part as time permits.  Eventually all the siding will be replaced.  For now I will replace large area with new and patch the smaller areas with what I remove from the large areas.

The original plan was to replce all the old boards with tongue and groove 1x6's just as the original.  However the high cost of this prevents that.  Instead the siding will be 1x10 3/4 sawn poplar with two inch battens.  i saw this on a barn down the road and liked the look of it.  The fact that it reduced the cost to one third also played a big factor.


I began on the west side since this area faces all the hard weather.

It's a start

The lower half is complete on the west side


I added a door on this end because I park my 30 foot long enclosed trailer on this end.  There is an area about 16x40 that I can't get to when the trailer is parked.  The end door addition as well as ramp up to it will let me use this space better.  A good spot to park a few tractors maybe?

It begins with a frame


Adding the door skin.


At 250 lbs each I needed the lift to put them in place.


The south side is looking shabby so I thought I would give it some attention next.  Using the old boards from the west side I replaced the lower portion of the wall and blended it as best as I could.  Eventually this whole side will have new lumber.  but for now, patching will have to do

The previous owner took whatever he had and nailed it in place just to hide the barn contents

I removed all the old boards and stripped the nails


It turned out somewhat decent. At least for now it hides the barn contents a little better.